Platform to Inspire, Engage, Empower!

Skanistan Oslo Fashion Week (SOFW) wish to create a peace platform and build cultural relationships between South-Asia and Scandinavia. We believe in building relationships and promoting gender equality and woman empowerment.

Why Skanistan exists

  • To empower diversity through fashion
  • To provide Scandinavian-Asian fusion fashion inspiration
  • To provide a platform for designers and brands to showcase their collection
  • To boost designers/exhibitors products to a trend-setting fashion-conscious market
  • To create business opportunities


Empowerment is a lifelong process, and Skanistan wants to kick-start that adventure by starting conversations, help build pride in your identity, connect creative entrepreneurs across borders, and feature the latest work of international designers.



Skanistan Oslo Fashion Week (SOFW) is held once a year. The concept is to bring together top designers, from all over the world, under one platform. We also want to give opportunities to upcoming, local, and international talented designers to showcase their talent. SOFW was launched in October 2017, being the first Asian-Scandinavian fashion show held in Scandinavia.

  • Skanistan is a social and creative platform for millennial entrepreneurs.
  • Skanistan’s purpose is to accelerate business through creating great meeting places and facilitating the benefit of meeting your peers, competitors, distributors, buyers, press, and other stakeholders face to face.

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