Skanistan is operating with local and international media to get our participants exposure by reaching out to the public. Skanistan believes that great marketing and promotion are major keys to success. Skanistan also has a strong belief in social media where youth is the prominent receiver.

  • Skanistan website and social media accounts
  • A Man Film
  • Audience up to 1000+ at the venue
  • Norwegian national TV, NRK
  • Norwegian press media, VG
  • Norwegian press media, Aftenposten
  • Groruddalen Avis
  • Norwegian fashion magazine, ELLE
  • Personlig Opplevelser
  • KK Ingeborg Hegdedal
  • Collaboration with international fashion and wedding bloggers/influencers
  • Sponsors and partners
  • Norwegian largest private TV, TV2
  • Norwegian press media, Dagbladet
  • Norwegian press media
  • Norwegian fashion magazine, VIXEN
  • Melk & Honning
  • D2
  • Dagens Næringsliv

Our sponsors and partners 2018

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